P.O.Box 29002
Auckland 1023
New Zealand


President:  David Pittman

Vice-President: Valerie Sherwood

Secretary: Margaret Barriball

Treasurer: Brian Allen

The Society was formed in September 2000 by a small group of local residents of the Epsom and Mt Eden suburbs who want to promote interest and knowledge and record the history of their district.

Epsom and Mt Eden are significant areas in the early growth of Auckland city and have an interesting and diverse history.

We welcome new members who can add to, learn from, and contribute to the Society. We enjoy our work and hope you will too.


  1. The objects of the Society shall be to promote the study of NZ history with particular reference to discovering, preserving and disseminating information about the area centering on the two suburbs of Auckland known as 'Epsom' and 'Eden'.
  2. To study the lives of people formerly or presently resident in the suburbs of Epsom and/or Eden.
  3. To hold regular meetings where members can share their interests, discoveries and problems and to arrange speakers who can increase members' understanding of historical processes, prejudices and resources.
  4. To initiate the collection of reference books and other material of historic interest.
  5. To produce a regular newsletter to advertise meetings and share matters of interest to members.
  6. To increase the public's and the authorities' awareness of the desirability of preserving buildings and records of historic value.


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